So Police want to record and register ALL firearms in New Zealand.

Like they do with MSSA ‘E’ Category rifles.

But when those occasionally appear in gang hands then the Police Union want them banned outright.

Because the registration of those did nothing to prevent their use in crime.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has been doing all we can with court records and Police data to try to find the truth behind the headlines.

HOW are gangs getting these guns?

Many arms are found with serial numbers still there. So they can be tracked to their once lawful owner. Or by importation and dealer records to a criminal who modified them to possess ‘E’ category features.

But nobody will give us this information.


We suspect its because the truth makes a mockery of the Police / Police Union narrative.

If gangs are importing guns with their drugs – then no amount of additional security or registration or anything other than harsh penalties will help.


The response took three times the legally required response time.

Why dont Police have this information to hand?

To share with our lawmakers so that they may make informed decisions.

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