A kiwi shooter came home to this:





Despite the best efforts of the criminal filth involved – they could not get the guns.

They tried to open the safe and failed. They tried to remove the gun cabinet and failed.

It was bolted through the floor and walls. The scum even tried to go through a wall   to get it out. No luck.

A responsible shooter who met his obligation to public safety.

Now what about the Police response?

They refused to come out.

They told the victim to go online and ask to be sent a form.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have covered this issue before.

Police only put eight in every hundred gun thieves before a judge.

Fully 12% of such incidents are not attended by Police.

Or they arrive days late.

Or ‘Attend’ on the phone. Yes you read that correctly.

Some other stories that we have heard are enraging. Including Police refusing to take serial numbers of stolen guns or to react when the victim does their job for them and provides images of the offender posing with the stolen guns online.

The KGB has asked McIlraith if Police will now treat such gun thefts with a greater priority than a stolen lawn mower in the future. He refused.

Oh but there IS time for thousands of nuisance ‘checks’ on lawful shooters that Police admit achieves nothing.

We have made the Police Commissioner, Police Minister and opposition spokespeople for Police aware of the issue.

We wont stop until the situation changes.

We as shooters meet our responsibilities – so must Police.

Pictures used with the victim’s permission.


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