The Kiwi Gun Blog has always maintained that there is no benefit to the ten year renewal system for firearm licences.

Police have admitted to us that they achieve nothing. Nobody turns mad, bad or sad in ten yearly cycles. Its a complete waste of time and financial resources.

Its the kind of thing that sounds good to a control freak. “We are monitoring…keeping an eye on….etc.” While actually achieving nothing.

As the Blog has reported previously – problem people simply come to the attention of the Police. Action is taken. Job done.

But we wanted the hard numbers and so asked Police:

  1. Is there any evidence to suggest a lower rate of firearm offending by holders of a NZ firearms licence since the lifetime licence was scrapped?

  2. Please provide the number of convictions for serious firearm offences by licence holders in the five years before and after the change.



So there it is.

Firstly, Police have never checked if the massive and expensive change that they wanted ever actually achieved anything.

Secondly, it didn’t.

In the five years before the change 359 offenders committed 500 offences.

In the five years after the change 350 offenders committed 503 offences.

So after the millions spent and the time wasted – three more offences occurred OVER FIVE YEARS.

In other words – almost identical results. No benefit to the new renewal system.

Now the hard part…

Will any government actually set aside emotion and really base our firearm regulations on facts and reality?

Political extremists like the Greens even want to shorten the period for renewals.

We need to return to the Lifetime Licence.

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