Another day – another shocking betrayal from our judicial system. This time a gangster – with a history of armed robbery – shoots up a man’s house. His accomplice shoots the victim. Naturally both guns are possessed illegally.

The penalty? Home detention.

Shooters have grown used to these appalling decisions. As they have the endless vilification of firearm ownership by the Police Union, the media and corrupt academics.

The Kiwi Gun Blog is now calling on all shooting organisations to become active in changing the conversation.

It is time to push for increased penalties for our worst firearm offenders. This doesn’t necessarily mean longer terms being potentially available to a judge but rather that they must start applying the longer terms that are available to them NOW.

Lets make the use of a firearm in SERIOUS CRIME an aggravating factor during sentencing. Lets also ensure that any penalty for a firearm offence must be served CONSECUTIVELY. So they are no longer ‘free’.

We did a quick poll of 750 kiwi shooters. They agree:


Only ONE shooter was against this.



Here is the mandate that any shooting organisation needs:


That is over 95% of shooters in favor of our organisations making this a core goal.



Shooters have NO faith in the current system to deter crime.

With one offender alone clocking up 46 separate firearm convictions – they are right not to.

Click HERE for more data on our gun crime problem.

Please pass this information on to your club’s committee and ask that they add their voice to this campaign.

COLFO is holding their AGM next week. We will be putting this on the agenda there as well. Stay tuned.


Our poll also asked for any additional comments from shooters. They were clear and consistent. We will publish these soon.

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