The IPCA (Independent Police Conduct Authority) is currently reviewing our firearm laws – with a view to recommending changes.

The Shooter’s Lottery have arranged to meet with them in the new year to make clear the position of New Zealand’s firearm users. Our sport’s subject matter experts must be heard if any change is to be positive.

The head of the IPCA group assigned to the project is Stuart Graham.

His email address is:

The Shooter’s Lottery is now preparing a detailed summery of our concerns for their consideration.

Please ask your gun club or association to make a considered submission as well.

Do you want the criminal with 46 separate firearm convictions to be targeted?

Or 250,000 responsible firearm owners?

Should the 9% of ALL gang members with 5 or more firearm convictions be the focus?

Or a famer with a .22?

Please make your voice heard.

This ‘project to look at opportunities for improvements to the current legislation’ must not be hijacked by those with a mindless anti gunsport agenda.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

Please share this information.