A Drug dealer is found with millions of dollars worth of the poison that he sells.

Millions of dollars in cash profits are found with the drugs.

The AR15 rifles – plural – that the crooked police union always harp on about are also found.

The sentence for this?


Not a day.

The criminal will serve only a few years for the drugs before being paroled.

But the guns – free.

Thanks to concurrent sentencing.

Yes – the serial numbers were removed from the guns recovered. So the registration that the left bleat for would have been useless.


Download the decision here:

McGRATH Jason – Sentencing Notes – J Whata – 27.08.2018


Many of you may have noticed that three is the new definition of a  ‘..huge weapons arsenal’ and ‘…a huge cache’ and ‘…excessively large’.



Nobody in the media asked shooters how we felt about such a let down of a sentence.

Naturally the Police Union are silent on this as well.

The rare case when these dread weapons are actually found in association with crime – there is no penalty. At all. Not a day.

This latest case shows everything that is wrong with the current gun control debate.

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