We at the Kiwi Gun Blog like to understand the problem before suggesting ways to solve it.


So we asked Police for the hard numbers. Just who is responsible for the threat claimed by the Police Union?

Here is the Police reply:



Oh come ON

So the New Zealand Police cant tell us how many times they were shot at in a given year?


How can we get a clear picture of the problem with incompetence like this?

There is a huge difference between a thug yelling “You need shooting cop!” and…. shooting a cop.

So apparently licensed gun owners are 3% of…. something?

We know that literally 99% of general gun crime is perpetrated by non licensed shooters.

Now that 97% of…. something involving cops….. is also perpetrated by non licensed shooters.

At least we have confirmed yet again when the issue is.

The best Police can say from their records is that SIX police were hurt in ONE incident over FIVE years – but that doesn’t mean they were hurt.


But there were 23 incidents where a gun was ‘pointed or fired at’ Police. Again – that is a big and crucial difference.

We have asked the same question again.

On THOSE cases – how many were offenders licensed.

Stay tuned.

We have also asked Police why so many high profile gun criminals are never charged with possession of illegal firearms.

Finally, it is appalling that Police keep no data on how gun incidents arise. Surely this would be useful for every street cop to know?

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