First the Prime Minister announced that “Our gun laws will change”.

Then the Police commissioner expressed his delight at the news.

Then the Police Union joined in.

Then the Attorney General announced to a public vigil that he would ban them.

Then it was explained to him that he couldn’t.

Then he walked back his words.

Then the families of the dead planned for the funerals.

Because this conversation is being forced on us NOW.

…..and that is disgusting.


We have been contacted for comment by American, local and UK news services.

All we can say is: “We have no idea what happened yet. We only know that it is horrific”.

Stuff news tied to put some words together:


No…. Like Caitlin Jenner – they were born that way.

Then this idiot ‘helped’:




‘Military hardware ordinance’.

‘Pump action pistols’.

Dear God… the stupid is strong.

We reached out to him, for all the good that it will do.

Then our gal Heather jumped in:


She quoted the Blog. That was nice.

We had asked shooters to join forces against stupidity by joining COLFO so….. ‘Bad Gun Lobby’. Or something.

She then demands registration: “That’s why Peter Edwards was able to buy 67 guns from one retailer over 18 months in 2012. Once a gun leaves the shop, it’s on a completely untracked journey through this country. That’s why Edwards was able to sell those guns to the Head Hunters”.

Yeah…. You missed the bit where he had 53 previous convictions and was STILL given a gun license – because the Police don’t data match with Australia.

Also how years later they have still not developed a policy here.

Oh and how they have admitted to arming many, many aussie criminals. Who have gone on to commit gun crime here.

Its those little details Heatherkins.

She ended by giving us our marching orders:

‘It will organise and fight dirty. I’ve been at the sharp end of their group attacks. I showed how inadequate our gun laws are by buying a firearm online without a licence in 2016. They hounded me online for weeks and paid for targeted character attacks’.


The bit about you being a criminal is true.

The rest…. Not so much.

Who is getting paid please?

I called her out on her deceit for nothing.

That does not seem fair.


Details please Heather


Oh and some lazy journalists are running with the Police Union instruction that shooters are to stay out of the gun debate.


Not going to happen.