The Prime Minister has graciously allowed us to submit on the rushed new laws.

But she says that we have to be quick.


She actually said that.

Comment on gun law changes proposed by the Government

Published date: 21 Mar 2019

On 21 March 2019, the Government announced changes to New Zealand’s gun laws following the tragic events in Christchurch on 15 March. Details of the proposed changes can be found in the press release from the Beehive website.

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The legislation is being drafted, and the Government intends to progress this through the House when Parliament resumes on Tuesday 2 April.

If you wish to make a comment on the proposed changes at this stage, please send them to

Once this legislation has been referred to a select committee, the Clerk of the House will refer comments to that committee.


Original page HERE

We did have the following petition as well.

Prime Minister

We are asking for you to reconsider your plans to rush legislation that drastically changes our firearms laws.

We have two main concerns:

1: The exclusion of subject matter experts WILL simply result in bad law.

2: Rushed legislation WILL make the nation LESS safe.

There is simply no need to suspend democracy here.

You have made one huge change on zero notice, after only a few days of consideration and with most of the affected parties excluded.

Now you have promised huge new law changes from Parliament in a matter of only days. Before many important issues have even been considered. All we have now are questions.

It has been thirty years since anything remotely comparable occurred. We have the time to do this right.

Thank you for your consideration.

Let us please do the RIGHT thing here. Not just be seen to act.

But they took it down.

We don’t even get to call for democracy.


Here is the new petition!