Today I was christened “The country’s most “extreme” advocate for gun ownership” by Hera Cook on the stuff news website.

My crime? I wrote to Police to ask how a half billion dollors of assets about to be seized from New Zealanders would be valued. By whom and whether or not there would be an appeals process. These seem like very reasonable questions to the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders effected.

As it stands the Prime Minister’s office ignores our questions. Police are unable to answer. So apparently the plan is indeed to surrender our investments on the off chance that we receive unknown compensation later. What reasonable person would accept that?

There will be no compensation for the businesses about to close. Or for the ranges about to close, now that their sport has died. Or for the shooters who have already booked international competition. We now have nothing but expensive questions about our legal, private property.

If a rifle cost $5000, is that the ‘buyback’ that the owner receives? What about the additional $5000 spent on gunsmithing and optics and suppressor and magazines? What about the $5000 in additional competition equipment?

Moments after the horror, the Police Union dropped a press release demanding that the nation’s shooters stay out of the coming policy debate. The Prime Minister doubled down on this. Then the media took this as their main talking point.

The nation’s subject matter experts must not be allowed to ‘Dilute’ the coming legislation. Whatever it may be. You can even hear a reporter from the AM Show quietly coo “Excellent” when National’s Gerry Brownlee answered as he was supposed to. Watch those edits guys.

Newshub celebrated Duncan Garner securing agreement from Judith Collins that the so called gun lobby should “bugger off”. Excluding a quarter of a million voters from their representatives.

It was all academic. The Prime Minister had a meeting in a locked room, with unknown people, with unknown agendas and announced new laws after only a few days and with zero notice.

With more punishment to come in two weeks. She literally laughed when media asked if people could make submissions on the law. “Hurry” she grinned. Then said that there would be still more restrictions to come after that.

Only the lone voice of the Act Party called for process. They wanted to actually see the law before committing to it. It has been thirty years since an incident that is remotely comparable. So why the rush? Because calmer heads may prevail.

It’s easy to spot a conman, they always try to create a sense of urgency. Meanwhile, every day brings a new revelation of a failure on the part of the Police that may have led to this insanity. We have yet to learn how our intelligence agencies failed to keep track of the (Five?) right wing extremists within our borders.

But the media just focuses on how the American NRA must be kept out of the process! Despite zero evidence that they expressed any interest other than sending a condolence note.

The same media fail to mention that gun banning is a multimillion dollor industry in New Zealand. Did you know that Philip Alpers is UN funded for his work here? Or that the American Democratic Party had our kids leaving schools to protest for them? How is your own grant going Hera Cook?

Oh and if the ‘Gun lobby’ is so powerful – why am I am the only one in the conversation NOT being paid?

Media next hailed the ‘Responsible shooter’ for handing in his gun. For the public good. They left out the part where he is a Green Party candidate and hates guns. Details. Goebbels would blush at the propaganda forced on a caring population this past week.

Today media even mocked shooters for having their petition removed by the hosting site. Because the host hates shooters. That petition was signed by thousands and only called for the Prime Minister to allow process. Nothing more.

But in New Zealand today, that is a victory. That was the same reporter for Stuff.

Now we are expected to allow new laws to be forced on us by a government that includes the Green Party. Who literally don’t know what country they are in when it comes to gun control.

Their official policy demands changes to the ‘Firearm acquisition certificate’. I had to Google that. That’s Canada team.

The most important issue of all has been completely absent from this debate. Bad laws make the situation even more dangerous. That is what “The country’s most “extreme” advocate for gun ownership” is actually trying to avoid.

Mike Loder 23.3.19



Mike Loder is an Auckland based campaigner for reform in the sentencing of firearm crime. He has researched internal gun control systems for 25 years.