The Kiwi Gun Blog has written to our Members of Parliament about the antiquated notion of our Police Minister – Stuart Nash – to institute total registration for every firearm.

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I am writing to you about the suggestion that New Zealand return to our failed gun registration system.

In short – This will be insanely expensive and contribute nothing to public safety.

We know that criminals modify things into guns.


We know that criminals smuggle guns. Here and elsewhere:

We know that gangsters make their own firearms.

Fully ten percent of guns seized in Aussie are illegally made:

All western nations have illegal weapon factories.

In England:

In Canada:

In Australia:

New Zealand has already had our own machine gun murder with a home made firearm in the Dixon case.

This is now.

As 3D printing becomes even more accessible the genie is completely out of the bottle.

When guns are stolen in New Zealand Police tell us that the serial numbers are ground off.

All of the above makes gun registration worthless.

We can’t control guns. We CAN control criminals.

Please reject this stupidity.

Please put this money where it will do some real good. More cops and early intervention in youth crime.

Also, a register can make us LESS safe.

Data breaches are not even rare.



The UK:

Here is one example of the same in New Zealand:

Please don’t waste a billion dollars over the next ten years to do nothing but make shooters vulnerable to theft.

Mike Loder

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Both your shooting and non shooting friends need to see how much additional waste the Labour government are planning.

All to NO useful end.