Marking Magazines – “P” endorsed magazines:


  • Marking Process: Must be Diamond Drag engraving (laser marking is NOT sufficient).
  • Minimum information: <<last 3 digits of serial number of firearm the magazine belongs to>> – (insert dash) <<One Alpha (letter)>> – (insert dash) <<any other information which the licence holder requires>>.
  • Font: minimum of  3MM in height in Multi line font;
  • Place on Magazine: To accommodate requirements of collectors for marking to be as inconspicuous as possible, the number can be placed upon the flat of the magazine at the top of the magazine, such that it will be concealed by the magazine well of the firearm when fitted to the firearm. Pest controllers or other endorsement holders can place the number on any flat surface of the magazine;;
  • visibility:  Able to be inspected without magnification, special tools or light source;
  • Colour (if any): Must be visible by the naked eye in daylight or incandescent or LED light;