The KGB asked Police how many gun license holders have been convicted of a firearm crime in the last ten years?

Also how many were in the last five years of their ten year license – during this same period.

‘Firearm crime’ refers to offences involving a firearm in the Crimes Act as well as any Arms Act offences.

Between 10 October 2009 and 9 October 2019, 590 people have been convicted of a Crimes Act offence involving a firearm or an Arms Act offence where they’d held an active firearms licence at the time of the offence.

Of the 590 people, 231 were convicted of a firearms-related offence 6-10 years after their most recent licence issue date.

So there is NO benefit in a shortened five year license period.


Additionally, 684 people were convicted of a firearms-related offence where they’d held a firearms licence but it was not active at the time of the offence in the given 10 year period.

These are the people the Police ignore!

So 6,700 people produce 68 criminals a year.

While 250,000 produce 59.

Where should you focus?


How do the Police compare?


New Zealand Police employs approximately 8,800 police officers – Government careers site.

So 8,800 cops = 23

250,000 shooters = 59

Man…. should Police have guns?