The Kiwi Gun Blog has proven time and time again where the problem of our gun crime is and isn’t.

The crooked Police Minister has used that gun crime to sell his new gun laws to the public.

Laws that completely ignore those responsible for the problem.

So here is us doing the job of the news media for them.



Dear Mike

I am writing to you in response to your request dated 21 January 2020.

You asked:

Stuart Nash told Mike Hoskins today that “There were twelve shootings in Auckland last year”.

How many of these offenders had a gun license?

What were the sentences that each received for the firearm offending?

What were the sentences that each received for possession of the unlicensed firearm?

I have located the interview you are referring to

In this interview, Minister Nash said at 2:02: “we had about 12 shootings in Auckland last year”.

There is no specific offence of ‘shooting’, so it is not possible to identify each specific instance the Minister was referring to. Firearms offences range from violent offences using firearms to Arms Act offences (such as possession of a firearm without a licence).
Additionally, while Auckland is one region, New Zealand Police divides this area into three Districts – Auckland City, Counties Manukau, and Waitematā. It is not clear to which the Minister may have referred.

I have interpreted your question as “violent firearms offences where a firearm was used and a person sustained fatal or serious injury”.

In 2019, in Auckland (Police districts Auckland City, Counties Manukau, and Waitematā), there were 29 such offences (five in Waitematā, one in Auckland City, and 23 in Counties Manukau). Police has linked 25 people as offenders to 18 of these 29 offences.

None of these people has ever held a firearms licence.

Of the 25 people mentioned above, 24 have been prosecuted. As at 1 March 2020, none of these court cases have been finalised, therefore no sentencing information is available. One person went through a youth referral process, so there is no sentencing information.

Yours sincerely

Mike McIlraith

Acting Superintendent Arms Act Service Delivery Group