From Police:

Changes to firearms administration services

[6 Apr 2020] In response to the Covid-19 alert level 4 being in place, requiring people to stay at home and maintain physical distance, some firearms administration activities have been deferred.

Below is a summary of the changes which are now in effect.

Deferral of all face to face vetting for firearms licence renewal applications – alternative vetting options are being looked into.

Once an alternative face to face vetting option is identified, firearms licence renewals will be able to be considered on a case by case basis with priority given to:

–Employment related firearms licence or endorsement renewal applications.
–Dealer licence renewal applications.

Deferral of first time licence and endorsement applications, and the firearms safety programme for first time applicants.

Deferral of the following activities:
–Processing new permits to import firearms.
–Processing new dealer licence applications.
–Dealer premises visits.
–Existing endorsement holder (collectors, pistol shooters, and pest controller) —security checks and holdings audits.
–Pistol endorsement holder minimum annual shoot requirements.

For people who had made an application, your application will now be deferred.

Also, a reminder that during alert level 4 you should not be using your firearm/s, regardless of whether your licence expires during the period or remains current. Please store your firearms safely and securely.

If your licences expires, once the alert level lowers and restrictions on travel are lifted, then you should move your firearms to be safely and securely stored by a person who has a current firearms licence and apply for a licence as soon as you are able.

Applications from licence holders who licences expired during the Covid19 lockdown period will remain at the price for renewing a current A category licence: $126.50. Applications will be processed as quickly as possible but there will be delays.

Updates will be provided when there is new information.

Please stay at home and stay safe.…/firearms-and-…/news-and-updates

Not that we were processing anything before….

Police are just inventing law once again.

Who needs parliament?


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Of course the rules are just for us…