This was an abortion from the get go.

Fuhrer Jacinda spontaneously declared that some ammo is suddenly illegal.

No law change – just her edict.

Then police wait until ONE HALF WORKING DAY BEFORE THE LAW CHANGE to inform their arms officers of the improvised policy.

If you are an exempted collector – then notify the Police.

A note will then be ‘Placed on your file’.

Obviously that offers zero protection legally.

So I chased them for a letter of confirmation.

Seven months later…

I get this unbelievable shit:

Recognition Letter-1



Recognition Letter-3

Are they kidding?

There is no way that shooters can list all the different single rounds that they have.

Some have THOUSANDS!!!

What if you read a head stamp wrong?

You are a criminal.

What happens WHEN such collectors miss one?

What is the penalty?

What LAW allows Police to demand this?

Why do they have us swearing oaths now?

We obey the law.

All this rubbish sneaking past when we are in lockdown from a pandemic.


But listing antiques from 1847 is going to make us safer is it?


The ‘Law’:

The cops: