The second tranche of the new gun laws are now before parliament. If these laws pass – New Zealander’s will die.

Firstly, they will die simply because the real problem is ignored.

The police minister, Stuart Nash, told Mike Hosking that “There were twelve shootings in Auckland last year”. So we need his new gun laws to save us.

Police confirmed to this writer that there were actually 29 such shootings. They also confirmed that none of the offenders had ever held a gun license. These criminals are ignored in the proposed laws. So their violence will continue.

Secondly, our citizens will die because limited resources are squandered. There is an opportunity cost to wasting hundreds of millions of dollars.

Police have just confirmed to me that fully 47% of the guns that they confiscate from criminals have no serial number. So how will a gun register solve crime?

The Auditor General has just reported that existing Police gun records can be over 12 percent inaccurate. So how will an even larger gun register be workable?

Senior Police used a rifle in the recent hearings to frighten a parliamentary committee into passing the first tranche of the new laws. Police have since confirmed to me that they don’t know where it came from. Police couldn’t find the records when I asked.

I know where it came from. A reader of my blog called me and said; “My gun is on the tele”. Police had taken his license and his guns. Then returned his license after clearing him of any concerns. But they claimed that the rifles had been destroyed in error. Nope.

So – Police can’t even keep track of the guns they use to show Parliament. They can’t even correctly record a few thousand guns now. But apparently they will be able to record two million small arms if the proposed laws pass?

Simply dropping these millions into the health service would save lives. But targeting gangs with the money would save others.

Thirdly is an idea that most people simply never consider. Bad laws can make us less safe. Laws don’t just work, or fail to make us safer. They can make things worse. They can kill. With unintended consequences.

The new laws are targeting gun clubs with ridiculous red tape. Fixing problems that we know don’t exist. Shooting is the oldest sport in the nation. If there were issues, we would have seen them by now. Many sporting groups will have to close.

I promise you one thing as a certainty. That the single greatest tool that New Zealand has in preventing self-harm, or the harm of others with a firearm, is simply a trusted friend asking someone at risk; “Are you OK?”

Yet what these proposed laws do is savage the support networks that gun clubs provide. Clubs may vary in formality but they all monitor the behavior of members.

Nobody does it better. Nobody can then investigate potential issues better either.

The next best thing is a doctor asking; “Are you sad more days than you are happy?” But the proposed laws would also deny shooters that help.

The new laws demand that doctors must report shooters to Police if they are asking for mental health advice. Even on a temporary issue.

Knowing the costly damage that could cause their family –shooters won’t ask for that care.

Every government funded metal health campaign insists that people should ask for help. Unless they are shooters. Then they should go and die alone in a farm shed.

That is what these new laws say. That is utterly unacceptable.

What the new laws have achieved is distraction. The Christchurch enquiry is delayed again. Until after the election? The monster who killed our people pled away in the first day of the Covid lock down. So no trial will now reveal a thing.

The Police Commissioner was able to retire, with an honor. The man in charge of selling the first tranche of the gun laws has also since retired.

I warned both the Prime Minister and her Police Minister shortly before the attack that they should expect one. I told them specifically how to stop it.

By insisting that Police tighten up on the vetting of Australians applying for our gun license. Police had already armed murderers and put countless guns in the hands of gangs.

One offender alone had 53 previous convictions in Australia. Our police gave him a firearms license. He went on to put $50,000 worth of criminally modified guns in the hands of gangs.

It is now understood that Police also failed to properly vet the Christchurch killer. But by the time that is confirmed – all the guilty parties will escape responsibility. They will be sipping cocktails poolside.

What we can still do is ask Police to explain why they let at least a dozen patched gang members keep a gun license. Right now. Today.

Oh and to urge Parliament to save us from bad law. The second tranche of Jacinda’s firearm controls is very bad law.

Mike Loder


Here’s the list of people that need to hear from you:

Remember: Only one MP per email, no CC, no BCC, or the email won’t reach them

If you are a shooter then you should write tonight.

NZ First are holding the deciding vote.

Shooters got then elected.

Make clear that anyone who votes for this horror will never be a voting option again.