A few days ago a New Zealand news service finally broke the story of their careers. International media picked up the exclusive. Then… The rest of our national media ignored it.

It was confirmed that the New Zealand police had failed to vet the Christchurch murderer – as required by law – before giving him a gun license. Resulting in the deaths of over fifty people.

Then they covered it up.

The government helped them.

Now those responsible have been allowed to retire. With honors. Without any accountability.

The obscenity is that this story actually broke only days after the killings.

So I asked the reporter why they were just covering it now. Over a year late.

After massive law changes were pushed through on a lie.

He replied that it was only now that “…people on the inside police confirming the problem”.

Let me get this right…

The ex head of New Zealand’s gun control systems tells Parliament and the media that there was a vetting failure.

Then our news media don’t follow up on that.

They then publish / air an endless diarrhea of invented rubbish.

Guns, guns, guns. Danger! Danger!

Think back to the daily, sometimes hourly, panic stories that the public were fed.

Covering every aspect of the Christchurch killings.

Except – the known cause of it.

Now Police know that the official report on the incident is only a few weeks out. That it will detail their failures.

So they leak to media.

But only after the last man responsible retires.

What an absolute disgrace.