A Policeman was just shot dead by a known criminal. Another officer was wounded.

The Prime Minister did what she does – frown and fake sincerity.

In truth, she and every MP in the house are to blame.

Only days ago I warned of this.

Yet more new gun laws were just passed – ostensibly to stop gun crime – while completely ignoring gun criminals.

For thirty years I have tried to get law makers to get serious with gun criminals.


What will it take?

Gun crime is increasing in both severity and regularity.

The cop union are wringing their hands today. “We support our fallen brother”.

Really? Then why did you refuse to support my initiative to punish gun criminals? Specifically those who threaten Police?

The media are also responsible. Any journalist who has published an investigation into gun crime – while never mentioning the criminals – has blood on their hands.

Likewise the judges who state openly in their sentencing notes that they are gaming the system to avoid sending gun criminals to prison.

Likewise the academic fraudsters who refuse – REFUSE! – to include the punishment of gun criminals in the gun debate.

“We cant criminalize poverty”…

HERE is a commentary that I did over two years ago. Look at these shocking stats.

One offender alone has been convicted nine times for threatening police with a gun!

Another has nine separate convictions for illegal possession of a gun!

HERE is an opinion piece detailing how bad the recidivism issue is.

This is also where we will find the solution.

This policeman was killed at a routine traffic stop. Other police have been shot at during car chases.

So can we at least put an end to the idiotic notion that harsh penalties will cause criminals to try to shoot their way out of an arrest?

They shoot NOW – for nothing. They kill NOW – for nothing.

So let us please, finally, pass realistic sentencing for out gun criminals.