The ‘Gun Control’ movement want all of the guns gone. All of them.

One commentator recently observed “Beware assassins posing as critics”. He was discussing those who pretend to want to tune the western nations when in truth, they want to erase them entirely. Replacing them with a new system.

The gun control movement is the same. They work from a simple belief. Less guns equals less gun crime. Therefore they should apply ever more onerous restrictions upon lawful shooters until we all quit our sport.

Once are numbers of shooters are few enough – then firearms can be banned outright without fear of reprisal come election time. Then a utopia of peace will result and endure. New Zealand Police have even confirmed this thinking to media.

The only problem is that this theory is entirely, provably, wrong.

Many lament that the NRA in America seem to oppose every restriction that is suggested. Principles aside, this is because every new control must be measured not by how it could possibly help but rather by how it can be abused to punish citizens out of their lawful ownership of firearms.

Therefore, the gun control ‘debate’ is never an honest one. This must be understood. No matter how soft spoken the academic, or the politician or the Police union shill may be – understand that you are dealing with an agenda driven extremist.

These people believe that the end justifies the means. So any manipulation of the media, any end run around democratic process, any lie, is justified. All while the representatives of shooters are disadvantaged in that we must limit ourselves to facts and reality. We are simply working on different levels.

Emotion often beats logic. Lies trumps evidence. So year after year shooters lose liberty after right. In an unending, unrelenting attack from these hyper organised, hyper connected and over funded groups.

There can be no compromise.

You can not educate an extremist.

Understand this. Make this clear to your shooting friends. To your representatives.

The only solution is to attack back. At the true cause of gun crime. Demand the punishment of recidivist criminals. Be equally single minded. Equally vocal. Equally unrelenting. 

The average kiwi will still be more supportive of the reasonable punishment of the guilty over the collectivist punishment of the innocent.