There is an elephant in the room and it is singing Poi E.

This blog aims to identify where the true causes of gun crime are to be found. So we can then explore various ways of seriously mitigating, if not ending, the scourge. Simple.

We treat it like a disease.

We have already proven that 99% to zero % of those committing our gun crimes have ever had a gun license. This is from police data.

But lets dig deeper.

If there a ‘gun culture’ in some parts of New Zealand’s crime scene then where is it to be found?

Essentially – Who is doing the crime?

Further, who is being hurt the most by inaction on gun crime?

Well here are the numbers:


The Perpetrators…

So according to the 2018 census…

Asian New Zealanders are just over fifteen percent of the population.

They commit .8% of gun crime.

European New Zealanders are just over seventy percent of the population.  

They commit 24% of gun crime. Underrepresented at one third of what their population would suggest. 

Pacific peoples in New Zealanders are just over eight percent of the population. 

They commit 16% of gun crime. This community is literally 100% over-represented. 

Maori are just over sixteen percent of the population.

They commit 57% of gun crime.

Maori commit gun crime at almost four times the rate what could reasonably be expected from an average, troubled, community.


The Victims…

Often in crime statistics an identified ethnicity will most often victimize itself. Just leaking into other communities. That is not the case with New Zealand’s arms offending.

Maori are just over sixteen percent of the population and are 19% of the victims of gun crime.

Pacific peoples in New Zealanders are just over eight percent of the population and 6% of the victims.

European New Zealanders are 32% of victims. From seventy percent of population.

Asian New Zealanders are just over fifteen percent of the population and yet represent 25% of gun victims.


Please note that I am out of milk for tea so please check these numbers. 

In Summary…

If you are Asian – you should be furious.

If you are Maori / Pacific Island then your 24% of the population is delivering 73% of gun crime.

That is what we call “A pattern“.

That is not OK.


 Now here is the problem…

The woke Police, the media darlings, the cowardly politicians and the simpering Otago academics simply can not bring themselves to punish Maori.

Oh they will apply endless pain to 250,000 lawful shooters who DIDN’T do something. But suggesting punishment for an individual who actually DID the crime is unthinkable.

All together… “We can’t criminalize poverty”

That is bad enough. But the idea of getting tough on inter-generational Maori crime gangs – is shockingly unthinkable.

But that is where policy now needs to turn.

If we want to be safer as a community.

How do we get there?



Police note:

I am writing to you in response to your request dated 15 June 2020.

I have interpreted “serious crimes with firearms” as any serious violent offence1 specified in section 86A of the Sentencing Act 2002 where a firearm is involved.

I have interpreted “individuals arrested for” as “people who have been identified as
offenders in” – this is because there may not be an arrest specifically, some offenders
may be summonsed or arrested for other offences.
Between 2015 and 2019, there were 1,046 serious violent offences with firearms where
an offender has been identified as at 17 July 2020; 1,161 unique individuals have been
identified as offenders for these offences; 657 of them were recorded as Māori.

The table shows this information by year. As the same person could be identified
as an offender in offences in different years, a unique total is provided at the bottom of
the table.