Shooters are complex people. They have varying views that reach across the political spectrum. That said, they are usually very practical and are now sick to the back teeth of compromising with stupidity.

The registered political parties of New Zealand likewise offer a grab bag of varied policies on varied issues. That said, here is the Kiwi Gun Blog guide on how to vote to maintain your rights as a responsible firearm user.



The Labour party are the devil. The Green party are even worse. The end. Both parties are responsible for relentless attacks on lawful gun users. This will never stop.

While other parties may capitulate with bad gun laws – these two parties have ending our sports as their enshrined policy.

If you are a kiwi hunter / shooter and you vote for Labour or their Green party partners then you are an imbecile. This is simply beyond debate.

These two parties combined took less than 36% of the total party vote at the last election.

Jacinda told the shooters of New Zealand to stay out of the development of her failed new gun laws. We can only assume that she was also meaning at the ballot box.


The Maori, Mana and Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party refused to provide any firearm policy. As they failed to do at the last election where their combined vote amounted to only 3.2% of voters.




The One Party is a newly registered Christian based option and they tell us that they are currently developing firearm policy. This will be available on their website. oneparty.net         

Vision is also a Christian based party. Likewise newly registered. They chose not to provide us with a policy at this time. 

Barring a miracle – no pun intended – neither party stands a practical chance of securing a seat in the house.



The current National Party may be the most ineffectual opposition in the history of New Zealand politics. They capitulated utterly with the Labour government’s undemocratic attack on the shooting sports.

National forgot their promises to shooters in a moment.

Their current leader, Judith Collins then said that Labour didn’t go far ENOUGH in their attacks on us! She has publicly attacked and vilified advocates for shooter’s rights.

Her number two, Jerry Brownlee, is likewise on record as wanting bans on semi-automatic rifles, etc.

Many of our worst gun laws have happened under National governments. They have never truly been a friend to common sense gun laws. To say that they send mixed messages would be an understatement.

It is madness to give National your party vote. So don’t. It makes sense to give them your electorate vote IF they have a very strong chance of winning there. Check your electorate’s history.

If the margin is large, vote your conscience there as well. Send a message twice.

Otherwise, we need National to do well JUST to prevent another Labour government. Then we will rely on a coalition partner like Act to influence them to do the right thing in the area of Policing and Justice.



Who? This party are dead to shooters. They promised us loyalty, we elected them to parliament on that understanding and then they betrayed us utterly. Repeatedly. They have displayed shameless contempt.

Only a fool would believe their desperate lies at this stage. They are no friend to shooters. If indeed they ever were.

Polling suggests that they will die as a party after this year’s election. Good riddance.





Indications are that the Opportunities Party (TOP) are anti-firearm and they are certainly very left leaning. Thankfully they only polled a little over 2% of the vote at the last election.

That despite massive funding from a rich man on an exercise in vanity. They have only become more bizarre since then and so we can expect an even worse result.

The New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit only polled 0.07 of the party vote at the last election. They are left leaning. They gave no response when asked for a gun policy.

Either would be a poor choice and a big risk for a shooter’s vote.



This is a ‘Full time’ environmental party. Promoted as an alternative to the incoherent, extremist Green Party. The Sustainable New Zealand Party declined to provide a firearm policy.

Although they purport to be JUST about the environment, it can only be expected that such a traditionally left leaning group will also be mindlessly anti gunsport.




Heartland, Advance NZ and Tea Party are very newly registered parties. They have been asked for their firearm policy – if any. They have yet to respond. Law and Order does not feature in any of their policy releases thus far.

Click logos above for links to the respective party websites.


The Outdoors Party were founded after the last election. They have been very receptive to the legitimate concerns of shooters and their policy reflects this.

They oppose a gun register. They support the foundation of a new firearms authority. They are against more regulation and for consultation with firearm users.

They are a positive option for your vote.

Click logo for website.



Here is the Act Party policy:

  • Target ‘gangs with guns’ introducing new seizure abilities for firearm offences by known gang members
  • Repeal Arms Legislation Act 2020
  • Work on new Arms Legislation Bill that will ultimately replace the Arms Act 1983 and all its subsequent amendments. We could have this Bill constructed in our upcoming term in Parliament
  • Increase magazine limits to 7 rounds for shotgun and 15 for rimfire; pump and lever action firearms would be exempt from magazine limits.
  • Stop the creation of a full firearms register
  • Introduce new simplified classes to firearms ownership
  • Security will become a focus point in the future, the FCAF security sub-committee have considered and reported on the subject over many months of research. We would continue to support those independent and knowledgeable committee members to construct achievable, safe security recommendations.
  • Support face to face vetting and dedicated community arms officer oversight regardless of who is administering the Arms Legislation
  • Ensure that the independent authority has full administrative control over firearms legislation, not just licencing

The Act Party have been very supportive of shooters.

They were the only Party in parliament to oppose and then vote against the recent gun law changes. Recognizing them as rushed and attacking only lawful firearm users.

Recent polling suggests that the Act party could achieve very impressive things in the coming election.

Click logo for website.



Here is the New Conservative Firearm Policy:

– 1st & 2nd tranche to be repealed, not waiting for a new Arms Act to be drafted before repealing the 1st tranche;

– no magazine limits on manually operated firearms;

– semi-auto shotguns with 5 or fewer round-limit in a non-detachable magazine, won’t require an additional endorsement;

– semi-auto rimfire .22 and smaller calibre rifles will not require an additional endorsement;

– remove PTP requirement for new E-endorsement but retain additional vetting & security;

– new independent administrative authority for Arms Act, that absorbs existing local vetting & Arms Officers, collects & retains fees from licence applications and co-ordinates with Mountain Safety Council & other organisations that have successfully operated firearms safety & education training;

– make the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime, an aggravating factor in sentencing and to make the sentence for firearms offences alongside other offences, consecutive with any other sentence imposed.

Click logo for website.

Both the Act Party and the New Conservatives parties are essentially pro the rights of responsible shooters. Both parties also have prominent shooters as their firearm spokespeople.

New Conservatives have also worked very hard outside of parliament and against significant media resistance to grow solid grass roots support.


Final Recommendation

The Kiwi Gun Blog recommends that shooters give their PARTY VOTE to either the Outdoor Party or the Act party or the New Conservative Party.

The electorate vote may best be given to the National Party candidate IF polls suggest that they stand a good chance of winning there. 

This is because any smaller party that would represent our interests would need a conservative partner to join with to secure enough seats to govern.  That, like it or not, is the National party.

The same party that is swapping leaders like underwear at a Victoria Secret show. 

The same party that has stunning low popularity in recent polling.

Possibly with the weakest leadership that this party has ever seen since its inception. 

Still… there is time for a turn around.

An hour is a year in politics.

Labour did it last time – National need to do it this time.




You need to know two things:

1: A party needs to get 5% of the vote OR win an electorate seat outright in order to get into parliament.

If they cant do that – they get nothing.

They are a wasted vote.

2: Voting for the wrong small party cheats another that could really use that vote to great effect.

So vote carefully.


HERE is a link to a video explaining how our voting system works. 

There are a lot of people that we really admire across several parties.

But come election day we all need to work together to get the best result.



Whatever you decide – VOTE!

No excuses.