Date 3 September 2020 (Another well overdue reply…)

REF: IR-01-20-20030

Request for information

Thank you for your email dated 14 July 2020 in which you requested:

1 Regarding the news report above – what did the investigation into the leaking of this list find?
2 Are ‘disaffected shooters’ still being monitored? If so, how is this justified?
3 Was Nicole Mckee – now number three on the Act party list – one of the people monitored?
4 If so are police still monitoring this candidate?
5 If so who has access to her confidential communications?

In answer to your first question, Police have not established the circumstances of how a reporter from Stuff Media Organisation became aware of or received information as outlined in the attached article.

In relation to question 2, the article does not refer to ‘disaffected shooters’ as stated in your question however it does refer to disaffected people with firearms licences.

I can confirm that this work is still ongoing.

Op Whakahaumanu was the term used to encapsulate all public-facing activity undertaken by Police in the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attacks. This included engagement and reassurance visits to a range of religious, cultural and educational groups; interactions with gun clubs; and a range of other general reassurance events.
A separate response process was established in the days following 15 March to manage the collation, assessment and investigation of lead information. Police received thousands of pieces of information – from members of the public, other government agencies and from within Police – relating to entities of potential concern. This related to individuals and groups, as well as websites, online forums, social media posts and snippets of often fragmentary or incomplete information.

Police have encouraged the public to be particularly vigilant and report any such concerns to Police. As this was a time of heightened anxiety and concern, the volume of information supplied was considerable. Police have a responsibility to examine all pieces of lead information to ensure that any risk was identified and properly managed.

In response to questions 3, 4 and 5, this information is withheld pursuant to section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act 1982 to protect the privacy of natural persons.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your request you have the right to complain to the Office of the Ombudsman and seek an investigation and review of my decision.

Yours sincerely
Craig Scott
Detective Inspector
National Criminal Investigations Group
Police National Headquarters