We at the Kiwi Gun Blog find it amazing just how quickly a society’s attitudes can be re-engineered.  

It was only in 1975 that the Westpac bank screened its first TV commercial. That same year firearms were withdrawn from their banks. They had a basement gun range at 79 Queen Street, where their staff were trained to kill robbers.

Think about that. That fact would amaze most young people today.

Us against them…

Time flies but that is still only a generation of New Zealanders ago. A good friend of the Kiwi Gun Blog was a bank guard in his younger years. The Police gave him a Webley and the support to use it.

The general Police attitude was; “If some scum bag tries to rob you, shoot them”. If you did, then that was a good day for the country. The Police were for the citizens and the citizens were for them.

How could it be otherwise?

Now it is just assumed that if a citizen defends themselves against a criminal (Likely on parole for their last horrific act of offending) then they will be charged as a matter of course.

Kiwis are now forced to pay financial compensation to the criminals they interrupt when being robbed. Don’t THINK of touching one of them.

Today a dairy owner was expressing his disgust in the papers. The robber who had bashed him with a crowbar was getting home detention. Along with his driver.

Every day there is a new case that just leaves us shaking our heads as the Justice system that betrays us again and again.

But should a citizen be foolish enough to defend themselves – then they get tough. Then we are expected to prove ourselves innocent. If that costs the innocent person’s home in legal fees – then that is still considered a just result.

It isn’t.

The very idea of this would be an obscenity only a generation ago.

Young people with guns…

This writer’s school once had cadets. Many schools did. They trained with Bren machine guns and rifles and even a mortar. This writer just missed that as a learning option.


In the picture above we see the Marist School Cadets. We would be grinning as well.

Today, some schools are actually banning clapping. Applause. In case it upsets the more sensitive children.

The Labour party want gun advertising banned in case our young people see a picture of a gun. An image.

Those bank staff who were trained to kill are now trained to try to remember the robber’s shoes. Because that can help catch them you see. Then they can get home detention and think about their actions.

How quickly and drastically things have changed.

We are not suggesting a return to national militarism and scenes from the Wild West acted out on banking day.

But sometimes it is good to look to the past character of our nation and ask if that simple ‘Us against them’ attitude to criminals wasn’t a lot more practical and natural and healthy than the situation that we currently endure.

This nanny state, devoid of personal responsibility.

This artificial and engineered society.

Surely the very least that we can do, is to impose harsh penalties on those who would rob and extort and murder us with illegal guns.

How would you even BEGIN to explain to our past generations that we don’t?

Finally, please be aware of how quickly things can change again.

The new generation of would be shooters are indoctrinated to hate guns by the media and our schools and every TV show they watch.

This is not an accident.Leading anti gun activists speak openly about targeting our young and brainwashing them to regard recreational gun use as bizarre.

So gentle reader, make sure that you replace yourself with three new shooters before you retire from the sport.

A Bit of History…


Above: The Auckland Grammar School Shooting Team, 1910-1919.


Above: Auckland Grammar School’s empire senior champion shooting team: the winners of the Prince of Wales cup in the schools of the empire senior match, January 1917.


Above: Students from the Auckland Grammar Cadet Team, 1910-1919.




Above: At Kings School the rifle shooting was practiced first at Lawyers Head and then at Pelichet Bay.  Before the School then acquired its own rifle range.

In 1970 the Government withdrew financial and administrative support for the units.



Above: They even had their own artillery section. The Green Party would faint.