For immediate release: 1 March 2017

The New Zealand Police confirmed today that they have lost several Glock handguns, Tasers, a large projectile launcher and restricted gun parts.

The Official Information Act request shows that the Police have lost five pistols.

A Glock handgun was lost in 2000, two in 2005 and another two in 2010 – when they were stolen from Court. They also lost a Glock slide and barrel – essentially the complete ‘Upper’ assembly of the weapon.

Police also lost a ‘Bolt group’ for their Bushmaster M4 assault rifle. Again, vital restricted components needed to assemble this highly modular system from parts.


Police also lost a ‘Very’ brand signal pistol and a 37mm gas launcher. This fires tear gas, smoke, signal rounds, stun grenades, baton rounds and nets that can take down flying drones. Luckily it won’t accept military grenades.

These weapons were lost since 1997 and ‘Database record commencement’. However, there are persistent rumours of other very serious arms being lost by the Police before this point. The matter has been referred to the ombudsman.

The Kiwi Gun Blog recently broke the story of our Police accidentally discharging their Tasers over 500 times, in a just a few years. At a cost of NZ$25,000.00

We can now also confirm that the Police have accidentally shot each other on at least three occasions. The incidents occurred in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Other cases may not have been reported. That seems likely. Luckily they seemed to have missed the public.

Our Police have also lost three of these 50,000 volt stun guns. Including one to a ‘Juvenile’ who simply removed it from an unsecured lock box in a Police vehicle.


Both the Glock pistols and the Tasers sell for around NZ$1000 to authorised persons.

Shooters now wait for the Law and Order committee to report back on how criminals are getting the firearms that they use in crime. Let us hope that it is not from our Police.

Please remember that the loaded Glock pistol, that our Police left behind in a Parliament bathroom, was handed in. So that is all good.

If you DO find a Police Glock please call: (04) 474 9499 and ask for ‘Paula’.

The Kiwi Gun Blog respectfully suggest that perhaps painting the issue weapons in brighter colours may assist in their retention?


     The Police have also accidentally discharged there tasers over 500 times in just a few years.

At a cost of $25,000.00   



The Kiwi Gun Blog