A Dunedin tattooist has just been sentenced for being caught with home made firearms.

Harley Richard Brown – fifty two – has no firearms licence.

When Police executed a search warrant on December 23rd, the man had a home made pistol hidden in the jacket that he was wearing.

It was loaded.

A home made rifle was also found hidden under a workbench.

Ammunition was present – along with drugs.

The man offered no excuse for possessing the weapons.

The weapons were not securely stored.

Brown had previous convictions. Including one for robbery in 1982.

What was the terrible sentence?

Brown was given six months home detention for the pistol charge and 100 hours of community service.

He was given 4 months for the rifle, to be served concurrently.

The ammo resulted in 3 months – also served concurrently.

Do we still need to say it?

Our courts are a joke.

The Police Minister is currently considering the Law and Order committee’s recommendations on screwing shooters to supposedly prevent crime.

The committee that didn’t address the ONE real issue in play here.