Stuart Nash and Labour are at it again.

Desperate to appear relevant.

From the NZ Hearald:

Labour has demanded an inquiry into online gun sales, following revelations the man behind Northland’s double fatal shooting was able to buy firearms online.

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Police have not said whether they asked to see his collection of amour after being called to the property to inspect a structure Patterson said he used for “target practice” about a month ago.

Enter Labour’s police spokesman Stuart Nash now saying that the Government should launch an independent inquiry into online sales.

“I am concerned about guns being sold on the internet.”

Nash went on to say that there had to be a “much more robust process”.

“That could include both parties meeting at a police station for the transaction, or go through a licenced gun dealer,” Nash said.

All online guns sales should be suspended, until there’s been an inquiry, Nash said.

But police minister Paula Bennett said “Labour are all over the place when it comes to laws and rules around firearms”.

“They certainly turned him down for a licence. I think there are unanswered questions but I think that we should all make sure that police are given the space to do a proper investigation. If there is a loophole then we will close it.”

“The calls from Labour are them barking at every car. We don’t know all the facts.”

A former police negotiator, Lance Burdett, told du Plessis-Allan on NewstalkZB this morning he was surprised at how easily Patterson was able to buy weapons on Trade Me.

“Should we licence firearms or people, or should we do both?

“I’m sure there is a better way than what we currently do. It is very easy to get firearms into the country it would seem.”


When you discover that the psycho who tried to kill a cop has BUILT A GUN RANGE then check if he has guns.

That could work as well.

It is interesting how the media are now getting quotes from people other than Cahill at the lying Police Union.

Are they seeing his agenda or, more likely, are they spreading the blame to give his narrative credibility? We shall see in time.

But for now – does ANYONE still believe that Stuart Nash is a reborn friend to the shooter?