This is a very interesting story from the UK.

Back in July, UK armed police launched a dawn raid on a suspect. On searching the residence they discovered a hidden pistol, a Beretta 9000S.

This gun tells our lawmakers all they need to know about gun control.

Forensic examination revealed it had been used in 19 separate shootings over 7 years.

The Beretta 9000S was only put into production in 2000.

A few years before that a new British firearm law prohibited the general ownership of semi-auto pistols chambered in anything larger than .22LR.

So the first lesson is this:

An outright ban did not prevent this gun coming into the country and then being used to cause mayhem. 

Not restrictions. A total ban.

The second lesson:

The 9000S had had its serial number ground off and so even if it had been stolen from an owner who had registered it – that expensive system would be of no use.

The third lesson:

The offender found in possession of the gun had seven previous convictions for no less than 15 offences. Including public disorder and burglary. He should have been rotting in jail. THAT WOULD HAVE prevented him having and using the weapon.

Has the UK’s Betrayal of Shooters Made Anyone Safer?

In recent years the UK has seen an increase in gun-related crime.

The number of crimes involving handguns has also risen, with 2,685 offences in 2016-17.