As many readers will be aware, the Police have reversed their previously established policy regarding how a firearm is measured to determine legal length. Too short – it becomes a pistol in the eyes of the law.

No compensation was offered for shooters caught out with expensive arms that fell foul of the new rules.

A case is now before the courts to appeal this.

One of the more maddening aspects to the new rules was that any muzzle device was not counted as length. Even if it is welded on.

Length is length. The Police have claimed the need to change the rules due to the potential criminal concealment of a rifle with a folding stock.

But…. length is length.

The Kiwi Gun Blog had discussed the matter with Police and were promised that the issue would be reconsidered.

Apparently it has been.


Today police announced the following revised, revised policy:

“To determine overall length of the MSSA the measuring should start from the closed or folded stock position to the end of the flash suppressor, providing the flash suppressor is firmly fixed to the firearm in such a way that a tool is required to remove it.”

That is one small win for logic.