The Kiwi Gun Blog received some more concerning information this week.

The first details the percentage of offenders who are even prosecuted for the possession of illegal arms:


At first glance this number appears shocking. Fully 20% of offenders are not even charged for the illegal possession of a firearm.

In reality – these may be cases of ‘Grey guns’. Firearms held illegally BUT used for legitimate uses such as hunting to feed the family. The Kiwi Gun Blog are not in a hurry to have such people jailed.

They may not be able to get to ‘town’ to apply for a license. They may be intimidated by the process that they don’t understand. They may be illiterate and embarrassed by that. They may be concerned about an ancient crime committed when they were young.

What will be telling is the penalties handed down to those who WERE charged with this offence. We are waiting for that data now from the Justice Department.

The numbers that we have secured in the past were nothing less than infuriating. With judges often making even those pitiful sentences concurrent with those others resulting from the more serious offending of the criminal in question. So in effect – absolutely free.

The following numbers however are absolutely inexcusable:



So if you report your firearm stolen – fully 12% of cases will not even be attended by a Police officer. Of the cases that Police DO consider ‘Followed up’ – that may just be a phone call.

Yep. Our Police are SO concerned with firearm thefts that they cant be bothered even sending someone over to take prints. If they do – it may be days later and after evidence is lost.

We have heard of Police taking much longer than two days.

We have also heard a case from a reader that blew our minds….

A gun was stolen.

The Police refused to even accept the serial number that the owner had carefully recorded.

The victim then asked around and quickly identified the offender.

The victim then finds the scumbag thief posing with HIS firearm on Facebook!

This evidence is then given to Police who say “How do we know that it is YOUR gun?”


Absolutely inexcusable.

No wonder Police bring only 8% of gun thieves to justice.

But Police still have time to arse about with new requirements for the ‘safe storage’ of our guns.

Our guns will never be safe as long as criminals have no fear of getting caught and even less fear of punishment. Its time to focus on the problem.


A reader sent us the following in response to our blog:

Many years ago (about 1990) a 9mm pistol and holster was stolen from my strongroom when my back was turned. I realised the theft as the offender left my premises and immediately contacted the Police with his name, vehicle details, etc.

They claimed they couldn’t locate him, and then a few weeks later two people were shot in the legs after a gang dispute.

A month or so later the pistol was found by a dog-walker in a riverbed near where the shooting had occurred. Meanwhile the holster and some fired cases were found in the backyard of a gang house.

It took over a year to get my pistol and holster back from the Police, and no one was ever charged despite me naming the thief.