Cahill of the crooked Police Union has recently made the outrageous claim that thousands of Police were threatened by firearms last year.

The Kiwi Gun Blog then had the real Police confirm that there were only 18 arrests for this crime over that period. With many offenders having toy guns. Twelve were prosecuted.

It now turns out that there were only nine convictions resulting.


This means that there has been no increase in this offense for DECADES.

Despite more guns in the nation and a dramatic rise in population.

So lets now look at an update of statistics for those charged with illegal possession of a firearm….



Now what was their punishment?


So the majority avoid incarceration. The penalty is usually less than a year AND will often be served concurrently with other offending. So they basically get no time at all.

Some criminals had to pay $500! The punishment! For possessing a stolen rife worth two grand. Hmmmm.

Cahill’s crooked union has confirmed why they never push for harsher penalties. Because their Labour party friends wont support it.

So now the interests of front line officers are being better served by the gun lobby than by their own union.

Strange days.