The Kiwi Gun Blog heard of a nuisance raid on a firearms dealer. During this farce – that we will cover soon – we were told that the Police left 17 AR rifles on the lawn and drove off.

We asked the Police media service to check and give comment. Was this true?

McIlraith – as we write on his national tour of better communication and transparency – interfered and denied us any comment. Insisting that the matter be treated as an Official Information Act request. With the accompanying delay.

Then came a denial of information on the grounds that a disciplinary investigation was under way.

Then – only after media coverage stirred up by the Blog – a denial that the incident had happened at all. But worded strangely…

Then a follow up admission that the raid HAD happened but another region had served the warrant. Hence the deceptive wording.

Then came more chasing and more involvement from the ombudsman’s office.

Finally a statement declaring that no firearms were left.

The incident just didn’t happen.

The Blog called the detective who had made the statement. He said that the lawyer involved had been lied to. No guns were left.

We then asked SPECIFICALLY about receivers. Were they left? The detective said they were not guns. We corrected him. Of course they are. We asked again. He denied that any receivers were left behind either.

This stalled us. It was a flat denial. We then had to wait for the IPCA complaint that the victim’s lawyer had laid to produce fruit.

Then we get this…..




Sure. Just conspire to lie some more.

When the Kiwi Gun Blog talks about the contempt for shooters that is now a culture in the Arms Management area – THIS is what we are talking about.

Keep this in mind when Slick Mike is double talking at the current meetings with shooters.

Do try to get along to your region’s event and ask McIlraith how this is in any way acceptable.


Be Lawful!!

Here is conformation of the law received today.

Do NOT try on the grasping interpretation used above or you will face jail.

A lower receiver is a firearm in the eyes of the law.


To Remove All Doubt….

Here is the same crooked detective responding to another shooter’s Official Information Act Request:



Number two is a bare face lie.

But isn’t it sweet how they look out for one another…..


Oh did we mention…

Mark Osborn works in Police Professional Conduct.

We have laid a formal complaint with IPCA.

UPDATE 20th June

What a difference a day makes….

The day after we lodge a formal complaint to the IPCA about this liar he ‘Received new information’.

That would be the SAME information that he admitted having at least by the 23rd April.

what a difference a day makes.PNG

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