More Evidence of Buyback Failure

The Kiwi Gun Blog has been gathering as much hard data as possible to prove what a disaster the gun buy back was. Here is a classic example – The wonderful SLR.

POLICE: In total, 1,128 SLR L1A1 firearms were handed in during the 2019 Amnesty and Buyback and finalised as at 24 August 2020: 1,084 via the public channel, 10 via the dealer stock channel, and 34 via the Unique Prohibited Items channel.

Police did not differentiate between Lithgow L1A1, which were the firearms used by the NZDF, and any other L1A1 that could at any time have been imported into New Zealand, and then handed in under the buyback.

There are now 464 L1A1 or SLR firearms that are held by active licence holders on an endorsement (401 of them are Lithgow L1A1).

KGB: To the uninitiated – this is an uncommonly high number of a particular firearm model allowed to survive destruction due to their historical importance to New Zealand history. They were a service arm for many years and many service people purchased their own rifle.

POLICE: “There are 92 firearms that have been recorded on used import permits and have a make or model that is SLR or L1A1. There is no specific designation of “ex-Army” so it is not possible to answer that specifically, but 32 were Lithgow SLR or L1A1”.

The question about ex-Army rifles being released on the market should be addressed to the New Zealand Defence Force. In accordance with the OIA, New Zealand Police attempted to transfer this question to NZDF but they advised that they do not hold any information on the number of L1A1 SLR firearms that were sold to the public.

They do know that there were 2,500 transferred to the then Government Stores Board in 1987.




Yet they wrote:

Missing firearms:
Based on your previous correspondence where you refer to ‘missing firearms’, you assume that any firearms not accounted for in Buyback or Endorsements must be missing.

(KGB: Yes cunts. That is how math works!!!)

However, since we cannot definitively know how many were imported or how many were sold on the NZ domestic market by NZDF and retained within New Zealand, this question cannot be answered.

Well the Kiwi Gun Blog has the data that the army and police ‘forgot’.

Tender 1095, 9/11/1987,  2500 7.62 L1A1 rifles (These were all sold within NZ)

Tender 1125, 13/2/1989,  42 L1A1 rifles (These were export only but many were legally reimported)

Also, the NZ Army sold an unknown quantity of L1A1’s to serving members at about the same time.  

There were also trade and private imports of the rifles over several years. In numbers that seem to be anecdotally higher than those police claim.

So… 2500 plus 92 is…. 2592

Less the 1128 surrendered during the buyback….

Less those on endorsement… 464

Is…. 1000 missing guns.

Not counting purchase by soldiers.

So over a sixty percent fail.

This is a conservative and provable number.

Extrapolate that over the entire buyback….

3 responses to “More Evidence of Buyback Failure”

  1. They are being held at the Counties/Manukau Police station, guarded by those trigger happy gun nut dogs Gun Control NZ claim are in existence… That’s why they now wear body armour and claim a firearm is presented to them on a daily basis.
    Or, they were in fact handed back in but subsequently handed back out to the criminals – there’s nearly always an SLR in the news paper photos.


  2. And Police want to have and run a Gun Register, you’re joking. Their bookkeeping is atrocious. Their arrogant and bolshie behaviour towards firearm owners which the likes of Ardern and Nash promote is obvious.

    It started with semi auto centre fire. Somehow that morphed into changes to shotguns, lever action rifles and have you noticed, attacks on pistols owners have commenced.

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    1. got txt from nz police 9 pm last night wanting me to update my licence details,why exactly i need to update anything i have no idea,as my details havnt changed or they wouldnt have been able to contact me by txt in first place,nz police know very well we dont own any firearms these days as they have checked us out in person several things in recent times,that should be on their files,this not first txt have had recently requesting me to update my details,just the latest,as havnt replyed to any of txts am expecting another wasted visit in near future to check us out once again,beginning to feel like harrasment now,or is it just another case of nz polices head not knowing where its butt is eh!!

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