We have The Police Association has appeared on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show this morning.

Imagine shooter’s surprise to learn that you don’t need a gun license to buy ammunition in New Zealand. 

Oh and that security is not checked by Police when issuing Firearm Licenses.


The Police Association President Chris Cahill wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has just called the producers of the show. Both to inform them of the man’s deceit and to request use of the footage.

Its time that we collected this man’s lies into a montage. Radio, print, television, legal submissions. All of it. Then we can show it to the media and the politicians and his members.

So everyone can understand that the Police Union now has zero credibility.

In the meanwhile… The Kiwi Gun Blog has suggested to some friends in the Police that they investigate how to remove this clown from within the Association. If anyone deserves a vote of no confidence – it is this liar.

If only for the damage that he has done, not only to the reputation of the organisation but to the relationship between the Police officers on the street and the shooters who used to love them.

If you wish to contact the Breakfast show to register your anger at their broadcast of this man’s lies:

You can email them on: breakfast@tvnz.co.nz

Here is their Facebook page to post comments.

You can also text them on 8850 .

All you have to do is text ‘BF’ then your message. eg – ‘BF The Police Union Lie’.

Then send your text to 8850. Messages cost 50 cents, incl GST.

The Kiwi Gun Blog have made an official complaint due to the item’s lack of balance.

We will follow this up with a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

We have also asked for an on air correction – you should as well.

We will keep holding this rat to account.