One of the most stunning revelations of the Law and Order committee report was that the Police are aware of nearly thirty organised crime figures having gun licenses.

Yet seem to be taking little action.

From the Report

Gang members and prospects

The evidence indicates that unlawful firearms possession and use is an integral aspect of gang culture in New Zealand. In 2014, the Police analysed 3,969 patched members and prospects belonging to 32 New Zealand adult gangs.

They looked at the proportion charged with a serious violence offence involving a firearm or an offence against the Arms Act. The analysis showed that 44 percent of the members and prospects had been charged with an offence involving a firearm, and that 9 percent had been charged with five or more offences involving a firearm during their lifetime.

In April 2016, the Police identified 29 firearm licence holders who were members of a New Zealand adult gang. Six of these licences have since been revoked or surrendered.

Our View

Surely to God this is a risk so great that the Police should simply stop what they are doing and not rest until these licenses are revoked.

Why punish 250,000 innocent people in the hopes of preventing gangs getting guns – when it is known that you allow the gangs themselves to simply go shopping!

The Kiwi Gun Blog are aware of shooters being declined licenses because of drink driving incidents decades before. That disqualifies them as being a ‘Fit and proper person’.

So how does being a CURRENT member of an organised crime group not?

It was our understanding that even an association was enough to decline or revoke a license.

This is quite, quite mad.

Oh and those 44% of gang members with previous gun offences…

If they had been treated seriously then nearly half of our worst offenders would be in prison. What would the crime stats look like then?

The bottom line is that the Police are using proof of their failing and the courts failings to demand that WE suffer. Shameless.