That didn’t take long!

The Kiwi Gun Blog detailed the invented policy – posing as law – in the new version of the Arms code. Police had made a version available on their website.

Details are HERE.

Shooters were outraged and complained to the Minister and IPCA.

Well today the police released this:

Incorrect version of Arms Code published

National News

The Arms Code was last published in hard copy form in 2013 and is currently being updated.

Unfortunately an incorrect version of a revised Code was published on the Police website recently.

This version contained a number of errors and has subsequently been removed from the website.

Police apologises for any confusion or concern this may have caused among gun owners.

The Code will be reviewed in consultation with the Firearms Community Advisory Forum before being re-issued.

A hard copy version is planned for publication in mid-2017.


Issued by Police Media Centre

Yeah…. Bullshit.

The ‘Errors’ were in fact the wishlist of the Police.

Oh and if it was just a work in progress…


We understand 10,000 copies.

The Kiwi Gun Blog has asked Police for the financial cost of this fiasco.

It has since been confirmed that the Police Minister ordered the recall.

Thanks to those who made their voices heard here. Good work team.

Keep a Copy

Police have now removed the on line version but a copy can still be seen HERE.

Please download a copy for comparison with what they try next.

What Now?

Please let the Kiwi Gun Blog know if you see any of these printed versions in your local Police station.

We have asked the police to confirm that these are ALL being withdrawn – along with the on line digital version.

Lastly – please contact the Police Minister Paula Bennett​ and demand that someone lose their job over this.

This abuse of our rights needs to stop being free.


Since issuing the media release earlier today we have become aware that a print-run was done recently (to support duck and deer shooting season) that featured incorrect guidance. 

We advise members of the firearms community who have acquired a 2017 Arms Code to destroy their copy. Remaining copies in stations will be retrieved.  The earlier 2013 version of the code is being reinstated on the website and we ask firearms owners to refer to that version. 

As advised in the earlier media release, the Code will now be reviewed in consultation with the Firearms Community Advisory Forum before being formally re-issued both on the website and in hard copy.

Police Media Team

The email did not address the other concern raised by the Blog.

That the first Police press release was a grasping lie.

The Press have now reported this bizarre farce.

A Final Note

Well done to Ken R for spotting this:


As Ken wrote: “Police have accidentally dedicated the the new Arms Code 2017 to ARMS CONTROL – not ARMS SAFETY. Freudian slip. Not a good look”