The Kiwi Gun Blog are following up on just how many licensed shooters have been allowed to lapse.

Both under the old system and the new.

It was the very last day legally allowed for the Police to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request so….. they answered SOME of the questions.

It turns out that….

Thousands of Shooters Have Lapsed Licenses – With No Police Action Taken

As of the 27th of February 2017, 6727 licenses are shown as currently expired.

2455 of these are in the process of being renewed.

Now 4272 remain….

Of those 2243 are shown as ‘Being actively sought for interview’.

We assume that means that a policeman left a message somewhere.

2029 are ‘Awaiting action’.

I’m using that line the next time my girlfriend demands to know why the garage has not been cleaned out.

“It is ‘Awaiting action’ my love”…

What is the Point?

Many on the left and of course the Police Association are calling for the ten year renewal to be made five years, or less.

Some even call for an annual renewal. Anything to price and inconvenience shooters out of their sport.

Meanwhile they are not even following up on the existing system.

THIS is another example of why we need a Police Arms Oversight Authority.

If shooters are not re-licensing it is certainly worth a quick call to check that the weapons have been disposed of safely.

Perhaps use the money that Police will otherwise waste on lawyers fighting us in court to hire more staff for this purpose?

What was the point of Parliament breaking their word with the lifetime gun licence if they are just going to let so many – THOUSANDS – now expire without care?

What a tax grabbing joke.

Surely it was only ever just another impediment in the way of a kiwi keeping guns and enjoying their sport.

The Blog are guessing that many of these cases are simply young kiwis with no money for the pantomime of re-licencing.

But other cases could be a concern.

An Extra Disincentive

The Kiwi Gun Blog called an arms office to confirm this today – It costs $126.50 for a gun licence and $241.50 to renew an expired license.

The Kiwi Gun Blog suggests that it is mad to punish people for following the law, ever. If you want to incentivise shooters to be on time – give them some ammo.

Don’t kick people financially, when they are often down, with an extra one hundred and fifteen dollars.

Surely an amnesty on this penalty would be a great start.

Mike Bush, the Police Commissioner, suggested an amnesty for guns for the guns of criminals. It was quickly laughed out by frontline Police.

But how about extending this to once legal shooters?

The Kiwi Gun Blog has now suggested the idea to him. Fingers crossed.

It would certainly save hundreds of hours of police time if shooters were coming to THEM.


It would be good to know WHY shooters are not renewing.

We have asked Police if they have investigated such causes. Stay tuned.

The Final Joke

So the Law and Order committee looking into how criminals get guns is about to report back.

The Police Association are pushing to punish lawful shooters in a myriad of new and useless ways and meanwhile they have THOUSANDS of illegal arms owners just floating about.


David Grey perpetrated the atrocity that first started this legislation madness. 

He was left to escalate his behavior – even after Police were told that he had entered a shop and threatened people with a gun. There were other similar incidents.

The Kiwi Gun Blog must look into that case with fresh eyes. It is overdue and the history here can’t afford to be lost. The Kiwi Gun Blog have asked Police for more information about this case.

But it demonstrates the last of the triple threat of Police incompetence. Firstly, not vetting applicants properly prior to issues a license. Then not managing the systems they currently have and finally not responding to public reports of threats.

Then in every case of disaster resulting – scapegoating shooters rights with draconian law changes to hide their failings.


The Jan Molenaar Case

In 2009 the NZ Herald wrote:

“A law change could help mop up 30,000 owners yet to be checked (out of 55,000) who didn’t renew when 10-year licences replaced lifetime licences.

Jan Molenaar, who in May shot dead senior constable Len Snee, was among the 30,000 not checked”.


Way to learn from your mistakes guys.

Stay tuned for the current figures. The Kiwi Gun Blog is guessing that they will be a shocker.

  Please stay legal guys – keep your licence current.