Well well.

That didn’t take long.

Labour’s rat, Stuart Nash, has gone from promoting the Law and Order Committee’s report to now distancing himself from it.

Despite him being the driving force behind it.


The NZ Herald tried their biased best to cover the issue this week.

Naturally with a picture of a lawful shooter threatening the camera with a gun muzzle.

But then came an interesting quote from Nash:

Committee member Stuart Nash says people need to remember these are merely recommendations.

Labour MP for Napier, and a Committee member, Stuart Nash, says these are recommendations, not laws, and “they are not precursors to laws”.


The Herald report also went on to mention the low percentage of crime involving firearms at just 1.4 per cent of all violent crime.

These comments from Nash come only days after the Police Minister, Paula Bennett, also began to distance herself from the report:

“I have had an initial look at the response from the select committees inquiry into firearms and can already see that a number of recommendations will not be progressed as they are not a priority”.

Keep the pressure on. Its working.

Nash needs to be destroyed come the election.

It wont be hard as he has been desperately seeking relevance. Posting one video on his social media calling for a ‘Get tough on crime’ stance while demanding less people in prisons in another.

Incoherent blather.

In February 2014, Nash was selected as Labour’s candidate for Napier to contest the 2014 general election. A National party name had retired and was succeeded by a lesser known candidate called Walford.

Nash won with a majority of 3,850 votes over Walford.

But only because the Napier electorate was also contested by Garth McVicar for the Conservative Party.  McVicar’s 7,603 votes cut into traditional National Party votes and handed Labour the seat.

This is the danger of vote splitting.

The Kiwi Gun Blog asked both Garth and the Conservative Party not to repeat this error.

Garth confirmed to the Blog on 4/21 that he will not be running.

Great news. Unless you are Nash.

You may wish to as well.

National have announced their candidate in David Elliot.


The Kiwi Gun Blog have spoken to David and he will be easy to support. Gun owner, collectors in the family, etc.

Lets stick to the plan: